Santoni evolves seamless technology with its knitting machine SM8-TOP2ST

Santoni introduces on the market a big news: through an innovative and patented mechatronic device, the Seamless knitting machine SM8-TOP2ST allows the production of garments with needle-by-needle / sinker-by-sinker selective terry.  The selective terry can be placed in any area of the garment improving its technical-functional performances.  These knitted tubulars can be worn either in a conventional way, with the terry on the inside, or turning them inside out, in order to have the terry on the outside.   On the one hand, the terry, being in the internal part of the garment, plays a cushioning function, providing greater softness, comfort and breathability. On the other hand, the terry, being placed outside the garment, enhances it especially from an aesthetic point of view. The selective terry provides a high added value mainly to technical garments, such as those presented in preview at ISPO 2023.