The Lonati Group has developed a new long-term investment in the agro-food sector.

Agriculture and the food industry, although challenging and unprofitable in the short term compared to the more pronounced cyclical fluctuations of other sectors, represent a solid foundation for a primary market, a guarantee for greater stability and durability. The Lonati Group is more convinced than ever that growth in an extremely competitive sector such as the Italian agro-food industry is linked to quality at every stage of production and an uncompromising pursuit of the highest quality.

Several farms in the Brescia lowlands were annexed starting from 2004. In 2012, the Lonati Group acquired several food companies working in the field of cured meats that merged into the company Valtidone Salumi S.p.A., which produces high-profile and prestigious sausages.

Nowadays, the Group’s activities in the agro-food sector can count on a global extension of more than 200 hectares of cultivated land and a herd of high-quality cows of more than 1,200 head and produces more than 5,000,000 kilograms of milk per year. Each production area, from milk to cured meats and dairy products, has achieved the highest results in its field.




Over the past decade, by optimising its internal resources, CASCINA SEI ORE has been able to turn all the potential offered by the best agronomic knowledge into reality. Today, CASCINA SEI ORE’s core business is focused on the production, processing and sale of high-quality milk, which is used as the raw material of excellence in the production of highly prestigious dairy products such as GMO-free Grana Padano.  CASCINA SEI ORE deals also with cattle breeding and marketing, selling, in a virtuous and natural circle, chemical fertiliser and electricity produced in-house with modern nitrogen stripping and biogas plants. 


INIZIATIVE ALIMENTARI SRL was established to promote and increase the Gruppo Lonati’s activities in the agro-food sector. The company’s purpose is to buy, sell and manage investments in companies and projects in the food industry with the aim of identifying and supporting companies focused on innovation, dynamism and quality.


Established in the 1950s, the artisan workshop “Valtidone Industria Salumi” began its activity in Vicobarone, a hamlet of Ziano Piacentino (PC) rich in vineyards and famous for traditional meat processing. With the aim of industrialising the peasants’ ancient passion for cured meats, the business moved to the factory in Rovescala, a village in the Oltrepò Pavese area. The company grew with strategic acquisitions aimed at implementing different skills and expanding its range of products, e.g., with pancette coppate and cubes produced by Salumificio il Colle. With Pontenure Salumi, on the other hand, the production of PDO coppe and pancette piacentine and supply chain products was developed. After purchasing shares in 2013, the Lonati Group completed the acquisition of GRUPPO VALTIDONE SPA in 2017. The current production sites are located in Rovescala (PV), with 6,200 square metres, Vicobarone (PC), 3,200 square metres, and Pontenure (PC), 2,200 square metres, three locations between the Oltrepò Pavese area and the province of Piacenza, characterised by an ideal microclimate that uniquely influences the maturing process.