Power consumptions reduced by more than 50% thanks to PLUS: the top-of-the-line power supply by Dinema Textile

The Dinema Textile R&D team constantly monitors activities of our products to optimize performance and significantly reduce energy consumption.
Recently, with the cooperation of one of the best known companies in the textile machinery sector, we have analyzed in detail the power absorption data at various speeds of our PLUS power supply, comparing it with the power drown by a device equipped with a STEPPER motor.
For the connection of the Dinema PLUS device we used a plug and play mode: we therefore replaced the device only, maintaining the same electronic control predisposition for the comparison.
The results?
Measurements show an improvement in energy consumption related to the technological change of the motor control on the Dinema PLUS devices: the energy savings obtained are linked to the machine cycle in which the devices are used.
To simplify the comparison we have conducted measurements at constant speeds without taking into account acceleration and braking ramps or changes in needle selections. Considering to work at a speed of 1480 rpm, we can therefore calculate a committed power of 17.64W for each Brushless device, against the 35.12W of STEPRER, with a 50.2% lower power commitment.
In these conditions, considering a plant with 50 machines with 4 feeds being processed for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, we can obtain an energy saving of 3270kWh per year, which corresponds to about 1600 kg less of CO2 emissions!