Dinema Textile and the new technology for GRYF.

Dinema Textile products are continuously striving for perfection. To respect the company mission and therefore the highest quality standards, our Dinema Textile R&D team, in cooperation with our partners, has developed a new technology for GRYF to enhance the device life, yarn control and performance in speed.

Our specialized engineers have chosen to use a new reinforced technopolymer material with greater hardness and lightness to improve the functionalities of the pulleys and design a new geometry.

The main features of the new material are: greater degree of rigidity, very high resistance to abrasion, excellent dimensional stability, good chemical resistance, very low sliding friction properties.

 In addition, we have studied and developed a new concept for the pulley to improve the speed performance of the device and make it backwards-compatible so that it can replace the previous one. 

The new design is much lighter thanks to a 30% weight reduction and this means: less inertia, more control (together with the new firmware one can brake and start the pulley in less time) and better response: the ready control allows for quick speed changes in the chain. 

The new finishing process of the GRYF pulley guarantees a more homogeneous surface roughness and allows better control of the yarn for the entire stroke of the wheel. Our team, in fact, has studied the spokes in order to ensure a lower vibration of the yarn, so that the feeding into the machine can take place with more precision and provide a better quality of knitting. Furthermore, to extend the life of the device, the new design of the spokes moves dust outwards, preventing dirt from entering the engine.