Digraph 3+: a must for textile industry

Did you know that Digraph 3+ is the software used in all the knitting rooms with Lonati, Santoni and Sangiacomo machines?
It comes to our advanced graphic system that allows planners, designers and creatives of the textile industry to profit at best the manufactures of these top-level machines! With Digraph 3+ you will be able to put together and make easier all the operations and to work with several draws or items at the same time! The system is enriched by a wide range of projects, completed with relevant data sheets, in order to offer anyone the possibility to export a program or a drawing that can be used immediately on the machine or imported to be modified later.
But that’s not all: Digraph 3+ is constantly updated!
On the Lonati Group web site you’ll have free access to each update of the program.
Don’t worry about the generation of your machine room, you’ll always have at disposal the version that best suits your needs
Download our data sheet for more details.
Link to data sheet