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CAV. Francesco Lonati: thinking ahead.

When you can rely only on your own strength, you learn quickly that changing is the only way to take advantage of every opportunity to build a better future.

The Commendatore del Lavoro Francesco Lonati, born in Botticino on 28 February 1911, orphaned at the age of 9, started working at the age of 12 and by helping himself step by step he also helped many other people. Like other businessmen in his area, he made his professionalism a true passion, a way of exploiting all of his intellectual skill and will. At 35, he founded the company that still bears his name. In 1956, Lonati company presented to the world the first ‘dual-feed’ machine for the production of women’s stockings and in 1971 a new model of the double-cylinder circular machine for the production of men’s socks. In the 80s Lonati became world leader producing 90% of machines for stocking factories. As Francesco Lonati said with typical humbleness and irony: “My generation is the only one in the world that has experienced both starvation and diets”. Work and family - the two great values that develop in harmony - created his biggest success and represented his very reason for living. Today the family Lonati continues this tradition of growth and progress.



The Group of Francesco Lonati represents the commitment, mental flexibility and desire for growth that characterized its founder.

Rooted in industrial foundations, LONATI GROUP benefits from absolute world leadership in the textile machinery sector, a position supported by reliability and efficiency, the best know-how, ongoing innovation and unsurpassed standards of quality for products and services. With an extensive sales network that reaches more than 70 countries, Lonati Group is a true point of reference, accessible and open to every market, from emerging to European, Asiatic and American. Concrete management principles, skilled labor, team work and family tradition are the basis and reason for a commercial operating success that has lasted more than 60 years. Incorporating several independent companies with different characteristics and functions from industry to agriculture, from real estate to education - the Group expresses a single will and a single way of operating that is summarized by the three words that identify Lonati style: reliability, efficiency and organization.

The group