Lonati Group investments in the steel industry go far beyond a production diversification choice.

Steel industrial activity is directly and strictly linked to the textile machinery sector, both as a source of raw materials and as a technological and strategic reference. For Lonati Group this is also a precise entrepreneurial and institutional choice; assuring its prominence at national and international levels while remaining true to local tradition. Accustomed to excelling in the world through its capable operational and productive quality, LONATI ROUP maintains an important presence in the steel industry and a solid reputation that enhances the Group’s mage in the market.



Alfa Acciai - A commercial success over sixty years strong.

ALFA ACCIAI began its activity in Brescia in the mid-50s with the production and rolling of nearly 10,000 tons of steel per year. By the 60s, the factory’s production capacity neared 150,000 tons/year of steel ingots, while the production capacity of the wire mill was 190,000 tons/year. This was followed by the installation of a continuous casting system. Advancing into the 70s, both electric ovens and wire mill reached a production capacity of approximately 600,000 tons/year. This success culminated the first stage of its industrial project. In the early 80s, the steel industry, as a whole, went through a heavy structural crisis. ALFA ACCIAI reacted by focusing on the rationalization of its plant and on the technological modernization and expansion of its facilities. Moving forward, the third stage of the factory’s industrial project began in the late 80s and resulted from the need to find both an upstream and downstream integration of steel activity and from the wish to expand its market. Since that time, ALFA ACCIAI has diversified its production possibilities. Using ‘rod’ derived products with welded meshes and cold rolled ribbed wires, the factory completes all processing required to meet the different needs of the building sector, including pre-shaping and installation of reinforcing steel for road, railway, industrial and civil structural works. Across time, large investments have been made to achieve these results. From its entrance into ALFA ACCIAI, the LONATI GROUP has invested hundreds of millions of Euros.



Acquisition leads to diversification and innovation.

To strengthen its position in the market of southern Italy and the islands, ALFA ACCIAI acquired the Acciaierie di Sicilia, Catania, the only steelworks on the island. The investment has resulted in a substantial increase in quality standards, production levels and, consequently, exports favored by the facility’s strategic position in the center of Mediterranean Sea. The recent installation of a third mill allows ALFA ACCIAI to achieve an optimal overall condition; in fact the entire steel production is also processed in-house. Moreover, the new mill adds to the production range an innovative product for its mechanical, dimensional and packaging properties: Instead of being wound on skeins it is hot coiled, thus allowing a total production capacity of nearly 2 million tons per year. ALFA ACCIAI has managed to integrate the production of quality steel with that of building steel transferring the most advanced technological knowledge and reaching process innovation with products offering valuable and higher mechanical properties aimed at improving building safety levels. In recent years, ALFA ACCIAI has also developed through the acquisition of steel companies operating in Germany.