The textile machinery industry is the core business of the Lonati Group, more than any other activity.

The machinery production of Lonati Group covers almost all production of women’s, men’s and children’s socks (60%), sportswear and seamless (90%) and traditional knitwear (60%) in the world. With the acquisition of historical national and international brands, as well as the development and optimization of technologies and expansion worldwide, Lonati Group has brought local industrial traditions to levels previously never achieved. This is the source of strength and inspiration of the entire Lonati Group.



Francesco Lonati founded the first production unit of circular knitting machines for men’s and children’s socks in Rezzato in 1946.

In 1952 the range of hosiery products widened considerably thanks to the construction of machines for women’s stockings in the new factory in Brescia. The new production plant, about 1,000 m2 covered and thirty workers, allowed Lonati to carry out larger orders. With new business opportunities arising and markets expanding beyond national borders, Lonati machines for women’s stockings were immediately successful because they were the first in Europe with a fundamental technological innovation: dual-feed processing (double production compared to competitors). The new machines were immediately requested in the ECM, especially in England and the Federal Republic of Germany. Between 1955 and 1960, exportation extended beyond Europe: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, South America, North America and Scandinavia. Worldwide relationships were established. From 1966, expansion continued and penetrated to countries behind the Iron Curtain. This international exchange required a careful assessment of market trends, a progressive technological updating and an on-going improvement of industrial plants. As a result, in 1969, the Lonati factory expanded enormously, enlarging the production area to 30,000 m2, 15,000 of which were covered, and increasing the workforce to 300 workers. At the same time, Lonati improved its commercial presence internationally by creating an efficient foreign office and an extensive sales network of agents and representatives. Management was also strengthened, and the three sons Ettore, Fausto and Tiberio joined their father Francesco in the management of the company.



The company occupies an area of 80,000 m2, of which 24,500 are covered, in Brescia in the San Polo area and employs around 600 highly skilled employees.

LONATI GROUP’s penetration of the international market is equal to 90% of its annual turnover and sales. Special attention is given to new economic powers in the Middle and Far East, while maintaining close ties with traditional markets in North and South America, Turkey, Europe and parts of Africa. With its huge export network covering 50 countries, excellent customer service, nevertheless, remains in line with the corporate image-assuring top quality products and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. LONATI is therefore a solid reality within the economy of Brescia, with an increasingly representative role at the national, European and global levels.