In synergy with the mechanical sector, the electronic sector is crucial for the high technological profile that characterizes the entire production

On-going investments in technology and research have allowed a steady growth, initially almost exclusively linked to the textile sector and which now penetrates into many diverse markets. Today electronics represents for the Group the latest generation of products within the technological frontier, developed with decades of experience and dedicated to applications such as automatic dispensers and coffee machines, industrial printers and labeling systems, electromedical and fitness equipment. From medical to automotive, from industrial to information technology, up to LED lighting and the consumer market, applications and development opportunities are evolving continuously.



A notable history of performance.

Dinema was established in 1971 as a company for the production of electro-mechanical equipements for the textile industry.In 1985 DINEMA joined the LONATI GROUP investing its energy and resources and constantly developing new technological solutions. These allowed it to penetrate various market sectors of civil and industrial electronics. In 1986 DINEMA was one of the first companies in Europe to adopt the in-circuit test technology with base of needles innovation. In 1995 it obtained the ISO 9001 certification, and in 2000 it was one of the most important electronic businesses of the market. In 2004 DINEMA opened a division for the total control of the production processes and, in 2010, it expanded the SMT sector, doubling its production capacity and increasing its technological level. In 2011, with DINEMA LIGHTING, production came to energy-saving lighting applications (LED). In 2013 DINEMA made one of the best performing test divisions in Italy, updating the existing in-circuit systems.



Dinema works with advanced technical resources, in compliance with international standards and certified systems .

The division of electronic design employs about 35 technicians whose experience and specialization allow for the management of a variety of applications. Taking advantage of other project units of Lonati Group, DINEMA is able to meet any need including mechanical parts and casings (both metal and plastic). The project management of semiassembled products with the relevant wiring completes a highly reliable ‘turnkey’ service. From the early stages of project analysis, a specialized function supports the customer in identifying all regulations applicable to the product, so that the next planning and development activities can be carried out in full compliance with the applicable laws and guidelines. Taking advantage of the internal laboratories and supported by accredited external laboratories, DINEMA is also able to offer support in certification tests of the end product (electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, IP protection, vibrations, etc.). Frequent contact with university sources and research entities makes DINEMA a cutting-edge technological partner ideal for developing innovative electronic solutions.